What is Delta Course?

Jesus Christ gives his disciples the Great Commission:
“Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18-20).

With this course we wish to contribute to this and to help you to do the same.

The purpose of Delta Course is to put Ephesians 4:11-16 into practice:
“…to prepare God’s people for work of service,
so that the body of Christ may be built up” (verse 12).

Preparing people for work of service (equipping them) concerns three areas:

  • Knowledge of the Bible
    The history of salvation is followed in two series of 15 lessons. The course follows God’s acts and his words from Genesis to Revelation: From the creation and the fall into sin in the Old Testament to the life of the Church and the second coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
  • Practical discipleship
    This part deals in 20 lessons with important aspects of being a Christian: your daily contact with Christ, assurance of salvation, how to do Bible study, how to find God’s will for your life, etc.
  • Leadership
    The lessons have been set up to practise also the different subjects together. After having finished the course you will be able to start and lead a group yourself.

The online course contains 50 lessons:

All 50 lessons contain:

  • preparation materials for the students,
  • guidelines for the group leader for leading the meeting.

In this course we follow God’s history of salvation, starting from the first book in the Bible (Genesis) to the last book (Revelation).

Old Testament

The first 15 lessons are based on the Old Testament. They deal with the following subjects: the creation, the fall, salvation, the covenant, the law, the historical books, the poetic books and the prophetical books.

New Testament

The 15 New Testament subjects that are discussed are the life, death, resurrection and enthronement of Christ, the kingdom of God, the Church, several important aspects of the Christian life and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Practical Lessons

The 20 practical lessons deal with important aspects of being a Christian. Subjects are daily contact with God (quiet time), assurance of salvation, how to do Bible study, how to interpret the Bible, prayer, fellowship with other Christians, how to tell others about Christ, bearing fruit, how to set priorities and how to find God’s will for your life.


For finding your way in these materials we have added:

This course has been used for many years and in several continents where it has proven its worth.