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15 Lessons from the Old Testament

In the table below you will find all tools belonging to the 15 lessons from the Old Testament. You find the lessons of the two other parts by using the menu above.

There is also an index: a complete List of topics (pdf) that are dealt with.

Bible quotations are mainly from the New International Version (NIV Bible, ©1984) but also other translations have been used. And we also use very often our own translation from the Greek.

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1. The Bible
2. The creation
3. The fall into sin
4. Salvation  
5. God speaks and acts  
6. God’s covenant  
7. Walking by faith  
8. Forgiveness  
9. The law and grace
10. The historical books  
11. The theocracy  
12. The poetical books  
13. The prophetical books  
14. Israel  
15. The kingdoms in the world