20 Practical Lessons

In the table below you will find all tools belonging to the 20 Practical lessons. You find the lessons of the two other parts by using the menu above.

  • The column Study contains both the preparation by the student (quiet time) and the accompanying study.
  • The second column lists all NIV Bible verses used in the Quiet Time.
  • In the column Leader are the guidelines for the group leader for leading the meeting.
  • The last column Delta+ provides background information about the subject.
  • All documents are PDF files. Just click on the PDF icon of the file you wish to read or download.

There is also an index: a complete List of topics (pdf) that are dealt with.

Bible quotations are mainly from the New International Version (NIV Bible, ©1984) but also other translations have been used. And we also use very often our own translation from the Greek.

Subject Study Bible Leader Delta+
31. Quiet time  
32. Assurances  
33. Priorities  
34. Gods guidance
35. Bible study  
36. Bible interpretation  
37. Bible memorization  
38. Bible application  
39. Bible prayer
40. Responsive prayer  
41. Intercessory prayer  
42. Fellowship  
43. Witnessing  
44. Evangelism
45. Serving  
46. Giving  
47. Leadership
48. Self esteem  
49. Sanctification  
50. Life style  

The 20 practical lessons deal with important aspects of being a Christian. Subjects are daily contact with God (quiet time), assurance of salvation, how to do Bible study, how to interpret the Bible, prayer, fellowship with other Christians, how to tell others about Christ, bearing fruit, how to set priorities and how to find God’s will for your life.